Chemical Industrial Plants

Heliports & Airports, Ports

Special Systems & Structures

Integrate Protections for Military Buildings & Airports

Infrastructure (Civil & Mechanical Engineering)

Renewable Energy

Water Treatment


Services offered by TELEDATA s.r.l.:
Technical-financial consultancy, Technical and financial feasibility studies, Energy saving studies, Strategic logistic studies, Preliminary planning Input data and optimization of layout, Project Definition of the systems, Detailed construction programs, Plans and authorizations, Metric calculations and detailed cost estimates, Tenders Comparison of offers, Works direction and supervision, Direction and technical supervision, Technical direction of works, Budget control, Assistance in setting up, Final Lay-outs, Specifications for machinery, equipment, furniture, Civilian works, Mechanical plant, Electric systems.

Sectors of Intervention by TELEDATA s.r.l.:
Tertiaryand Residential, Social Housing, Commercial centres School, Universityand Cultural, Structures, Hotels and touristamenities, Transformation and manufacturing industries, Pharmaceutical industries, Researchcentres, Facilitiesforindustrial and tertiarysectors, Civilianand industrial restructuring, Industrial logistics, MilitaryBuildings, Hospitals, Roads, Rails, Petro Chemical Industries, Refineries, Hydro Power, Photovoltaic systems, Water Treatment.