The founders of TELEDATA s.r.l. company operating since 1988 in the field of chemical and industrial plant engineering, mechanical, architectural and electrical applied on civil, industrial and military construction. TELEDATA s.r.l. company is specialized in the construction of civil and industrial buildings with the formula “TURN KEY”. The achievements of the TELEDATA s.r.l. range also specialized in the field of process plants design (Cement, furnaces, Individual plants in general, biogas, petrochemical plant, refinery etc..) and in the road construction sector, Airport (infrastructure and logistics, Air Side, Land Side) and port. Our expertise in water treatment both for municipal water supply and wastewater treat from civil or industrial discharge is second to none. TELEDATA s.r.l. company also produces special structures and systems to protect N.B.C. (nuclear shelters as hardness protection against weapon). Always with the formula “TURN KEY” we are able to achieve plants & design for civil and industrial buildings.The know-how of the TELEDATA s.r.l. is applied in the design and production of components for over pressure protection, and E.M.P. as R.F.I. – Shield construction.
We design and implement, either on the basis of military Standards on civilians, explosion-proof doors and gates made of steel and / or concrete that meets the requirements of bursting strength for direct pressure up to 11 bar with short application time or long application time, for different weapons used. They are also designed and marketed overpressure valves for air ducts and filters / filtering stations NBC, CO2 Absorber. The production sector for protections sees the realization of doors, window frames, shielded rooms and honeycomb filters for cutting electromagnetic waves to levels of protection up to the classification “TEMPEST”. The TELEDATA s.r.l. company is own of the electronic equipment and antennas to perform the tests as required by MIL-STD 188-125. Other area of TELEDATA s.r.l. company is the design and supply of components for airports and heliports to ICAO standards, such as navigational aids (ILS-DME-VOR-NDB), lighting runwai / taxiway / apron, components for terminals such as baggage handling systems, controls RX, weather systems, integrated systems for logistics management.